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The Refer-a-Bail Bail Bond Referral Service is the nation's first and only bail bond referral service that pays affiliates for their referrals and marketing efforts. We are not a bail bond company:
We are the bail bond referral service.

We understand what you are going through and we will do our best to assist you in finding the help you need to get you through this time and to get your loved one home quickly.

To locate a Refer-a-Bail Preferred Bail Bond Agent choose the State and County in which your friend or loved one is in jail.

You will be directed to the nearest bail bond agent. If there is no agent for that area call 1-877-947-2245 and we will locate one for you

To locate an Attorney select Criminal Defense Attorney then choose the State and County. *Please note that Refer-a-Bail is not an Attorney Referral Service. Those attorneys listed here are done so as a courtesy to our clients.

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